The Lg 620g Prepaid Phone

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It seems that we just aren’t able to function without a mobile phone. You may be a CEO in nonstop contact with the main office. A mother or father who went out for the night and needs to check up on the babysitter and make sure the children are okay. Better yet, an adolescent who is constantly staying in contact with all your pals every day. Regardless of how you view it, a cellular phone is something that just about everyone has to have. A cellular phone like the

is a terrific alternative for those everyday needs.

There are numerous people who are unable to obtain a mobile phone due to poor credit or simply unable to pay the costly fees and charges. A way around this problem is to obtain a prepaid cell phone. And the best prepaid phone to buy is the LG 620G.

First, we will talk about the cell phone itself and then we will discuss the pluses of having a prepaid mobile phone.

You get more than merely a cell phone with the prepaid phone by LG. This mobile phone has a built-in MP3 player, which means no more carrying around two separate devices. You can listen to the radio through the phone’s fm radio receiver if you prefer not to listen to your mp3s. This prepaid phone also comes with a micro SD memory expansion, a speaker phone, and a voice recorder to remind you of the important tasks you have to finish.

The battery for the cell phone is pretty good for its class with power that can go for as long as 5 hours of talking. That means you spend less time having the cell phone linked to a charger. And for folks of you who don’t talk that much, the battery will last for as long as 9 days of being switched on but not being used.

Now let’s talk about the talk time fees. The per minute charge for the LG 620G Prepaid is a dime. This is in reality a very fair charge since 500 minutes of talk time is only $50. And when you break that down, you could actually end up saving money in cimparison to your present mobile phone contract. A typical cellular phone bill is approximately $50 to $75 per month for about 500 to 1,000 minutes. However, what happens when you are not able to use those minutes? Basically, you go on to pay the same fee the succeeding month and lot of cases, the minutes don’t roll over. And if you place a long distance call or use your cell phone while roaming, there are other charges added to your bill. But using the LG 620G prepaid cell phone, it’s always 10 cents every minutes no matter if you place normal calls, long distance call or if you are roaming.

Now let’s suppose you merely use your LG 620G Prepaid for 120 minutes a month. That comes out to merely $12 a month. And you don’t lose the minutes when the month is up because you prepaid for 500 minutes so you just continue talking until you use all the remaining minutes up. Which for numerous individuals means they could be saving between $500 and $1,000 per year by simply paying for the talk time they use. That’s why a prepaid phone, particularly the LG 620G,  is something that can  be a fantastic  value to all.

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