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I want to spend a few minutes going over some basic techniques that will help you get your site going. SEO can be tricky if you want to get listed high on a hot keyword, but if you do it right you should be able to get your site listed in a few days with a couple of generic keywords and then over time to be listed with the popular keywords.

1. Making your site Search Engine friendly

Before you even submit your site to search engines it would be a good idea to make it search engine friendly. This can be done on a site that is already indexed as well but the results may take longer to show up. Here are a few suggestions:

Video and Audio – Search engines cannot see what you have inside a video or audio file. If you are going to have a 15 minute podcast on your site, make a transcript of that podcast and post it either underneath the audio or give it a separate page and then hyperlink to it from the page with the video or audio file on it. Images – As with video and audio, search engines cannot read image files. However, within your image tag you can add an alt tag. This is where you place any text from within the image or something the image references that you want the search engine to see. (ex: <img src=”xxx.jpg” alt=”The great amazing website!”>) Meta Tags – In the header section of your webpage you can add meta keywords and meta description tags. These will tell the search engine what your web page is all about. Some search engines will use the description tag as the description for your listing. Title tag – Use a title tag in your header area of your website to put the title of your page. Most search engines will use this as the title of your listing on their site. Keywords – On your page you should only choose a few keywords, don’t decide on 50 or 60 keywords for a page because it will dilute the listing. Once you have your keywords, use these in your Meta Keywords and then use these several times on your web page. Search engines will catch you if you have the same words repeated over and over on the same page and you will be penalized. Your keywords should fit in the natural flow of the text on your page. Content – You should have at least 150 words on each of your pages but I would suggest more like 300 to 500 as a minimum. If you don’t have a lot of content the search engines will not give a lot of weight to your pages. <h#> tags – Search engines have been known to give more weight to keywords are that are inside of a <h1>,<h2>, etc. tag.

2. How to get a search engine to look at your site.

This is the easy part. To get listed you can simply either visit the search engine and look on the bottom of the page for a link where you can submit your site or have a link to your site from somewhere else on the internet and let the search engine find you on its own.

3. Update, update, update!

Search engines love new, original content. This is why blogs rank so well with search engines.

If you have content that is always fresh and changing, search engines are going to visit your site more often to find the new content. If you can update your pages a couple of times a week, the search engines will visit your site more often and your listings will go up.

Whenever I write a blog post, I try to use the keywords for that article several times within the article itself and I don’t try to focus on the keywords from other articles. If I have a web page about health products, I would pick a single product and write about it. The next day I may write on another product I want to market, and so on.

4. External links

You want to have many links hit your site. It is best if they are coming from other sites that are relevant to yours. A good idea for getting links to your site is to start posting on various message forums and blogs and include a URL to your site in your signature line. Try not to make references to your site within your post (unless it is relevant and other people are doing it), doing so may get you banned from sites and you may lose business from people who see you as an article spammer.

If you follow these simple steps you will find that the search engines will start to pick up your pages. Once you start to get picked up, you can start playing with the pages and content to try to get your listings to come in higher on the listings.

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