How To Attract Success :Net Marketing Manuscript

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We all have a decision to make: To be successful or not successful. Yes, it is a choice. Humans seem to be unique in this respect; they get to decide how hard they will strive. You get to choose if you want to maintain the status quo, or reach for better things.

Plants and animals are much different. Take a flower for example. A flower grows in both ways, down and up. It has an extensive root system that scours the soil to find water and nutrients. They don’t stop growing until they find what they are looking for—twisting and turning around rocks and other barriers to achieve their goal.

A garden of flowers looks like a sky of fireworks. Bright colors of red, orange, purple, and yellow, all of various hues. They extend upward, reaching for the heavens like a glorious and triumphant orchestra. All striving for greatness, for the best vantage point to suck up the rich sunlight.

And there’s more. The scents, wonderful scents fill the air. All the flowers emit potent, lush, radiant scents that waft through the air and fill the noses of fortunate bystanders.

Why do these flowers reach to such wonderful heights year after year? Why do they all strive for excellence and perfection? The answer is simple. The flowers go to such great lengths for one reason only: To attract.

Flowers attract all sorts of attention. Since they are motionless, they must attract the things they need and desire to them. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to their unique bright colors and aromas. They fly through the air for miles to seek out the perfect plant. You see, by constantly reaching for the greatest heights, the flower brings its bounty to him without moving an inch.

Now, the question is, what do we do to attract the things we need and desire to ourselves? Often we sit and wait, and maintain the status quo. We went to school, got a bit of an education, and then entered the workforce. The checks come in, they pay the bills, and we settle. Of course we want more, but hey, maybe it will come down the road. But where is the growth? Where are the bright colors that attract the bounty to us?

To attract more, we have to become more. We have to grow our skill set and knowledge, expand our experiences, continue to learn, and work hard on ourselves. We have to challenge ourselves and continue to seek new heights. Through this, we grow as a people. Our colors shine bright and our power blossoms.

Like the bees, other people are attracted to personal growth. As our skills expand and our knowledge builds, people will take notice. Promotions will come, and pay raises will follow. Or even better, we will start to build our own company and attract hardworking employees and customers to us.

We all have the option to grow and challenge ourselves. It truly is up to each and every one of us. The flower does it naturally, but sometimes we tend to hide our true power. So please, reach for the heights and shine bright. Give generously and help others by passing on the sweet nectar of your experiences.

This my friend, will attract all the success in the world.

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