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Search Engine Optimization is much more than merely optimizing the title and metadata on your web page. SEO is the tweaking of a website to make it more search engine friendly. SEO is a constant evolving technology. SEO is a function of relevance and authority as it relates to a search phrase. Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is a serious matter for individuals and entrepreneurs. SEO is not a trick, magic or manipulation. SEO is not just some secret formula known by a select few. SEO is nothing new, but we take a different approach than what you’ll get from any other company. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process.



El Dorado Web Design SEO PlugIN is just one part of what I do to help clients to bring in new business. SEO could be the single most important thing you do for your business this year. When I develop your website, I will do fully incorporate my SEO PlugIN on every page of your site. Depending on the size of your site, this could be well over a $400 value. Because I want my clients web business is to do well I fully optimize the sites in every detail.

My SEO PlugIN is not a one-size-fits-all program that you just place on your website. My SEO PlugIN is a file that is tailor-made for each of your pages. I offer the SEO PlugIN for the following prices.

* Index (home) $50
* Contact Us Page $50
* Article Pages $35
* Review Pages $35
* Webpages $15

When you purchase, any of my plug-ins will give you explicit instructions on how to add them to your HTML code and file structure. Adding the SEO PlugIN installation is done in two steps. First, you will be provided with a file that contains all of the scripts that you place in your root folder. Second, I will provide you with the linking HTML code that you just put in your HTML document. No worries, I will guide you through every step of the process, or I can do it for you. You are probably wondering if it works. You found this website did you not? The only type of search engine optimization that I do on my website is local organic search.



If your website is not performing the way that it should I do offer index (Home) page of evaluations for free. However, if you need a more in-depth analysis of your website I will analyze up to 10 pages and provide you with a comprehensive report of findings. The 10-page analysis cost $150. Only the index page is free. From 2 to 10 pages, the cost is $150. If you design your website and need some additional pointers on web design and search engine optimization be sure to check my blog regularly for helpful tips and pointers.

For my clients, I also do your business listings for the primary search engines as I’ve stated before. Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even AOL. The value of this is unsurpassed because these are the primary search engines. Additionally, for $150 (PER YEAR) I will also get your business listed on the secondary and tertiary search engines. Many firms charge in excess of $500 per year for the service. I target approximately 30 to 35 search engines. Remember, all four primary search engines are for free.

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