Converting Online Network Marketing Leads Into Team Members

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“How do I convert online network marketing leads into paying members?” Is probably the most common question I have to answer nowadays. Having taught people lots of traffic generating strategies the challenge is to turn these into members of our network marketing opportunity.
There are many answers to this, I guess. Each successful marketer has their own strategy. And that is the point, it is all about YOU, your personality , your brand, your humour, your way of doing things.
We need to develop our own WAY.
My way is this:
1. I link all my capture systems to one auto-responder. I use Aweber. This way I can send to all my lists, whether in individual segments, full lists, cross lists, by country etc from one source
2. I load my auto-responder with a good 30 day follow up email campaign.
3. A personal email is sent to each new prospect on top of the initial auto-responder welcome
4. My skype I.D. is given to all people on my list – incidentally it is simply: petechapman
5. My email signature includes my blog domain name.
6. I share all my blog posts with my list
7. I provide special offers to join me – free advertising co-ops, blog set ups …. all sorts of incentives
8. I use social networks and my blog to syndicate my stuff….. and my blog profile and syndication helps people to investigate me and weigh up whether I am a worthy sponsor
9. I provide the very best support I can to any number of people, whether they are in my business or not
10. I provide regular webinars for my team and prospects
11. I use video to share what I do…… provide free stuff to my list so that they can see that I know my stuff
What do you think?
Is this hard for you to do? It is my way, but it has taken me a while to get there…. around two years.
When I first started I wouldn’t dream of using video, facebook, blogs….. I wasn’t confident at all.
But think of it like this. When I started Karate I was a White Belt – an absolute beginner. I graduated a few years later to Black Belt – a reasonably compentent Karateka. I graduated from that to becoming an Instructor – not a master, but a good instructor with some competition success and a rounded knowledge of Karate and self defence.
It is the same with Internet network marketing. There isn’t a quick fix. It’s a question of work, determination, belief and consistency.
There is no push button formula – but you can learn quickly. I have internet marketers in my team now that have advanced more than me. I have partnerships with experts who have sought me out for my specific knowledge. There is mutual help and support as you raise your standards and become a marketer who can be relied on. Someone who can be seen as a worthwhile sponsor.

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