Skype Launcher Changelog

Whats (maybe) in the next release:

  • FEATURE: Let user select if he wants to use MS Login instead of Skype login [open]
  • FIX: Windows 8 compatiblity

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Version 1.6.6

  • Added support for Skype 6
  • Fixed some graphic glitches in the config tool

Version 1.6.5

  • Added support for Skype 5.8
  • Changed login code to support future versions of Skype (hopefully)

Version 1.6.4

  • Fixed some typos and some minor bugs
  • Added full support for Skype 5.5
  • It’s no longer required to do a manual Skype login (if Skype never run before)
  • USB/Portable Support reworked and more user friendly now

Version 1.6.3

  • Fixed portable/USB-Export function (runtime error 9 and some other bugs…)
  • Minimize Skype after login (can be disabled via config tool)
  • Added QuickSkip: Skip login of a account once by clicking within 3 seconds (a countdown will be displayed) on the account name. (can be disabled via config utillity)

Version 1.6.2

  • Only one instance of Skype Launcher config tool can now be running (before this fix it could be started multiple times, which make no sense…)
  • Skype 3.X and Vista/7 32Bit bug (only First Account get logged in)
  • Added option in config utility for launching SkypeLauncher on Windows-startup
  • If Skype Launcher is started on Windows-startup, login procedure will be delayed by 10 seconds. (Can be adjusted or disabled via the config tool)
  • Add a option to temporarily disable Accounts via the config utility
  • Give the user more feedback what Skype Launcher is currently doing (can be hidden via config tool)…


Version 1.6.1

  • integrated Open Candy into the installer (see FAQ for more information)
  • Installer and executables are now signed by me (Stefan Heinemann)
  • changed some visual stuff =)
  • added a cancel button: If something goes wrong, you can cancel current action and skypelauncher don’t need to be killed by the taskmanager (a red X will appear in the upper right corner after some seconds)
  • reworked the login code (should more reliable now)
  • configuration utility now contains an advanced settings section to not force the user to make advanced settings with regedit..
  • reduced ad-spam / ad-display times
  • added a flattr button =)
  • fixed some type errors
  • fixed a lot of small bugs

Version 1.5.3

  • Added Skype 5.1 Support
  • Enabled Skype-Auto-Login should be no problem anymore (testing…)
  • Added a alternative Loginmethod which can be activated if Skypeversion changed…
  • fixed the one and other typo =)


Version 1.5.1

  • Added Systemstartup-Autodetection: extends timeouts to let skype enough time to start under heavy load…
  • Added Skype 5 Support
  • Re-tested Skype 3.8 Support
  • Changed login-code to make it more stable (yes again)
  • Added Setuproutine with optional search/toolbar install (select custom-install if you don’t want to support me :crying: )
  • Attention: Uninstall will also remove your saved accounts from registry.

Version 1.4.0

  • Added Skype 4.1 Support
  • Added Windows 7 Support
  • Changed login-code to make it more stable
  • Added some small advertisement

Version 1.3.3

  • fixed the “Path not found” bug….(I think) =)

Version 1.3.2

  • Added Skype 3.8 Support
  • fixed (hopefully) some nasty bugs
  • forget to fix the 1.3.0 “Path not found bug”

Version 1.3.0 (Buggy!)

  • Added Skype 4 Support
  • Increased timeouts
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a account won’t login
  • Added USB support

Version 1.2.1

  • Added a Readme

Version 1.2

  • Due some internal changes you have to add your Skype-accounts again. Sorry for that…
  • Fixed a unicode issue (“Protected data is invalid.”-Error)