9 Ways to Make Extra Money for Web Designers

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Web designers are earning over $30,000 to $120,000 per year in countries like USA etc. Even in some countries including Pakistan and India designers are earning a fraction of the potential. They are earning from $3000 to $7000 yearly from jobs. I think it is not enough to enjoy the comforts of life.

If you have some good web designs skills then I am sure you can earn enough money to enjoy the basic comforts of life. Following are ways to earn some extra income for web designers.

1.Write Articles

If you have fine English and having fast hands on keyboard then you can earn some extra income by writing articles. You can either write articles at your own blog or can write on other paying websites.

You can earn by writing tutorials about web design at websites like Tutsplus etc.

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2.Freelancing Jobs

There are lot of people around there not looking to hire an agency on many basis. They simply post their projects at freelancing websites where freelancers bid to earn the project. If you have a good portfolio then for sure you can earn lot of project doing freelancing jobs.

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3. Design Contests

If you trust you are much better than normal designers or can make best websites of some category then there are lot of websites around with design contests. You can participate in the contests, show your designs and earn money by winning the contest. These contests are not too difficult to win but for sure you need some creativity to win most of them.

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If you know technique of making good website themes then ThemeForest is best place for you. You can make and sell PSD,HTML,WordPress,eCommerce etc. themes here and may earn from 10′s to 1000′s of dollars. Some designers are even earning over $30,000 per WordPress theme.


5. Design Stock Graphics and Photos

You can earn some money by designing stock images/graphics and uploading them are various websites. You will get paid per purchase payments.

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6. Affiliate Marketing

In short it is just fine, but in long run it can give you much amount of money if done well. You have just to convince your clients setup hosting for them. If they agree then you will register their hosting through your affiliate link and will earn yearly some % of income paid to hosting company by your clients. Many top level hosting companies offer affiliate earning including Ipage.


7. Write and Sell eBooks

If you have good knowledge about your field then why not write an eBook about it. Yes you can write an eBook and sell it at online marketplaces and earn some extra income.


8. Make Videos

There are lot of web designers online sharing articles and earning income but most of them are not making videos. Yes you can create a YouTube channel about design and make money by uploading your unique design videos by YouTube partner program. You will get paid about 2-5 USD per thousand video views.


9. Design T-Shirts

Designing and selling T-Shirts is a very creative task. You need some good skills to design T-Shirts and get them sold. You can start from working at Zazzle


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