6 Ways to How find the best Tablet PC that suits you?

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So, The money just rained on you, and you want to have something big, better at multi-tasking, be your personal computing machine in a small factor, What else would you expect from a tablet PC?
So you decided to buy a Tablet PC. How hard is it to find a tablet PC? Here we’ll help you find the best tablet for your money
Let’s dive in

1. Consider your Budget

First and most important step is to finalize your budget how much are you willing to spend on a tablet PC, and restrict it through out your hunt for your tablet PC.
Optional- If you find a great deal on a tablet PC and is worth for the extra money for slightly above your budget, go for it.

2. Find a purpose of your tablet

What do you want your tablet to do?. Different tasks need different types of processing power. This is where you need to be very serious whether you’re multi-tasking, gaming or just browsing the web.
Such as if you’re browsing the web, watching movies or doing some light gaming, you do not need an expensive or high-end tablet PC. However for heavy gaming you need a good tablet PC with enough processing power

3. Choose your OS

Ok so now that you know what you want your tablet for you can now choose from three popular OS in the tablet market today.
* Windows – Windows is the best all-rounder. This is your best option if you’re more into using Adobe Photoshop, using Microsoft Office, Editing Docs, some light-medium gaming and doing office work
* iOS – Apple has it’s own OS for their iPad lineup. This is the most premium device in the market. If you want to do gaming, browsing the web, checking emails or anything. You don’t need to consider processing power here. It is so well made that it’s made for everyone from old people to youngsters. If you’re into Gaming, even if you pickup an iPad of 3 Generations old, it can run the latest mobile games without a hitch, but there’s a hefty price tag to pay.
* Android – The storm of the mobile world is also in the Tablet market share. This is where it gets tricky. You need to be very serious about the specs of the device, the quality, the after sales support and everything you are concerned about. Android is everywhere from a junk $25 tablet to a high end tablet. However, If you are into gaming, you want to have look at the specs.

4.Consider the Specs

This is where the spec competition starts if you are going for an Android or Windows. Be careful, especially on Android
For Multimedia – If you are buying your tablet for multimedia, browsing and simple tasks, you’ll be looking for a decent quad core like the Snapdragon 400 series paired with 1GB of RAM.
For Gamers – If you are buying your tablet to play your high end games that are graphically intensive then you’ll be looking for at least a Mediatek Octa-Core/Snapdragon 615 or higher paired with 2GB of RAM

5. Consider the Screen Size/Resolution

There are three options for choosing your best tablet. Have your side
* 7 inch – This is the smallest form factor in which you can find. This is where the Tablet category starts. This size is ideal for children or travelers who are always on the go.
* 8 inch – This is one of the most common sizes you’ll fond around, some sizes range from 7.8-8.3 have your pick which offers the best specs if you are looking for this size.
* 9.7-12 inch – This is the final full-sized tablet, this is ideal for those are large screen enthusiasts, or want to edit documents, or just want to watch movies. But this is also good enough for gamers if you want to go all out.
For the screen make sure you get at least a 720p (1280 x 720) or higher screen. You don’t want to go any lower than this

6. Consider the Brand/Warranty/Quality

OK so now that you found your options find reviews of that tablet, make sure it’s a known brand, find the durability, quality and find out the company/brand selling it. In some cases, some companies advertise their products that they are offering a tablet with 8GB or RAM and all that stuff and may sell it to you for US$50 or whatever. Do not fall out on these tricks even if that tablet shows that much internal specifications because they aren’t real specifications, they are able to change and rename their internal specifications to sell their products so to be on the safe side find reviews and compare your chosen tablets (If there isn’t a review do not buy it). Another way is to ask for opinions in forums for a few days. You’ll be able to get a better perspective of which one is better for you.
Here are some great Manufacturers you might want to consider
* Xiaomi
* Huawei
* Lenovo
* HP
* Dell
* Sony
* Samsung
Make sure the phone you’re buying is giving a warranty or protection making you feel secure that if something goes wrong, you can go to the brand to help you out
These are the 6 ways to narrow down your favorite. Comment us below how would you narrow down to find your best Tablet PC?

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