6 Tips to Write Fantastic Blog Comments

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When writing blog comments, you have to understand that you’re not just doing it for backlink purpose. Yes, most bloggers will regard blog commenting merely as backlink building. But, you shouldn’t. Why? There is more that you will get from effective blog commenting other than a backlink. For example, you can impress the blog readers with your comment, which entices them to at least take a peek at your blog. Here 6 tips to write fantastic blog comment:

1. Aim for 1-2 paragraphs

You should avoid writing comment that only consists of one sentence, such as “nice post”, “great article”, and so on. You have to aim for 1-2 paragraphs for your blog comment. In this way, you are giving comment that has value. Yet, it won’t be too long or too short. Perfectly readable!

2. Don’t try to oppose the blogger

You have to respect the blogger that has written the blog post. Avoid posting comment that will only create bad discussion between you and the blogger. Remember that it will be futile if you try to oppose the blogger’s opinion. Do you want to be perceived as a genius here? No, you shouldn’t. Instead, you have to support the blogger.

3. Add more value to the post

For example, if you are commenting on a blog post with the title “10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight”, it is good for you to add one more tip in your comment. You will say something like: “I agree with you. However, I have one more tip that might benefit the readers.” If you do this, the blog readers will at least look at your comment positively.

4. Discuss

If your comment is getting replied by the blogger, you should follow-up with another comment. Don’t ignore the blogger. When he wants to discuss your comment, be available. In this way, you will be perceived as a polite blog commenter. Be sure to stay humble with your comment. Don’t brag, even though you have a better blog.

5. Don’t just leave the comment once

This is true especially if you’re commenting on the hot blog post. Don’t just write your comment, leave, and then not coming back again. This is a bad habit. Be sure to watch other comments for a while, possibly for a week. Then, when you think it’s necessary to comment again, do it. In this way, you will expose yourself in that blog post as an active commenter.

6. Be unique and different

Since most blog commenters only care about backlink in their blog comments, usually they are just leaving comment that is similar to previous comments. They might not even read the blog post at all. They are rushing for backlink, anyway. So, it’s natural for them to hop from blog post to blog post. However, a good comment is a comment that is unique and different from other comments. Give your honest opinion regarding the blog post. In this way, you will stand out from the crowd. People will usually put your comment into spotlight.

If you’re able to write a fantastic comment, you will be able to attract attention and interest of the blogger, as well as the blog readers. This, in turn, will make people to become more interested in your blog.

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