11 Proven Methods To Get Huge Blog Traffic From Facebook

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Web-blog Traffic is the most important factor which decides the period of time that your blog survives on the internet. Whatever the niche you select, whatever the quality of articles you publish, without readers, all your efforts goes in vain.

If you have an online store, you know the importance of blog traffic and conversion rates. As a marketer, you should create web-traffic.

Facebook is a very good source of traffic and it can increase readership for your blog drastically. Here are the 11 proven methods that are actionable and creative methods that can increase blog traffic consistently.

as you know Facebook has survives this much with sharing of images only. Then why you hesitate to share a post with images. According to Facebook survey, those who share articles from a blog which includes images have high chances of clicking. Trust me you will get more than 150% of traffic from Facebook when your articles have descent featured images. Upload the appealing images with the original size to create a full sized image Facebook post.

Always use shorten links while sharing your article in social media. Use bit.ly or Google URL Shortener to shorten your links. Because a complete web page link might look awkward because It looks very lengthy. No one wants to click a lengthy link. Short and sweet links are always clickable in social media. If you want to keep your post text looking cleaner then you should use URL shortener.

Your blog article might be consists of 1000 words or some articles might be more. But your headline or the post title should be limited to 50 to 60 characters. In social media, nobody wants to read a story in the headline itself. It looks unpleasant. Make your updates short, witty and focus on the niche topic you want to share with the audience. Don’t reveal the entire subject in the headline itself. Audience should have some excitement to know what’s going on your blog. those short and sweet updates gets the most clicks. Make sure your update is just one sentence.

Many of the visits (up to 65%) to Facebook is from mobile users only. So mobile users are the key source of traffic from Facebook. Creating text that is like a story definitely disappoints audience. Your click rate downfalls. Your update should be like a teaser.

Questioning definitely invokes a response from the audience.

Ask questions on various topics that your niche involved in. Your fans might have not known solution to many of your questions, so there is chance of getting solution by clicking your article link. It’s a pure source of web-traffic. Most importantly, your solutions should satisfy the audience. Place review plugin at the end of every post so that your visitors can rate your answer. From rating you get 2 benefits. You will know how much your answer is fit and you will know how much amount you have to improve to write a quality article.

There are many forms of questions you can ask like fill-in-the-blanks, trivia, personal views, etc. Try some problem-solving types of forms to engage your blog more time with your readers.

Whatever the story you tell your audience, at the end they search for the summary and a final word. Those are simply represented by a quote. Including an intrinsic quote never defame any article. If a visitor gets impressed with your quote, there are high chances of getting clicks.

A quote in an article gives a flavor to the content. You can make it more effective when you have image quote. Find quotes that are concise with your article and place them at the best fit.

Nobody wants a product or service unless you tell them how it works. If you are marketing something, then you should convince your audience that the product is good enough and give you benefits. People never buy by reading the headlines. They go for reading reviews. If the service or product of other marketer and you are reviewing then there is a high chance of getting the audience.


How to make money online?

or How to get more views on YouTube?

or How to be rich instantly?

These are the most trusted traffic generating question for making money niche. If the readers want to enhance their financial position definitely there will be high click through rate. If you are a reviewer about the methods of making money, you got plenty of traffic.

You can create huge traffic by running contests on your blog. Promote your contests by sharing them in your Facebook page and Facebook groups. Instantly Switch up to this new marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your blog. Use interactive content on your blog to drive traffic to it.

Give some bucks for those who won the contest and place their images on your Facebook page. Share about your contest in various pages and various Facebook groups. Promote by posting on your friend’s walls.

Every weekend you get a summary of the complete week news from a local newspaper. Similarly, make a weekly wrap-up about your posts and articles in a single post. Simply share it on your Facebook page.

This gives your audience to understand your blogs articles at a glance. Compile a list of articles in a single article, place the links of the previous list of blog posts and that’s enough to get enough visits.

Images alone never impress all audience. Be creative with your blog images. Make a video to show your essence of your blog to your readers. Share this video on your page. Definitely, your video will be the summary of your article. Place a link to your blog under the video.

Share other people’s content on your Facebook pages is a good strategy to bring more traffic to your Facebook page. If your page gets more traffic then automatically you’ll get more blog traffic. Extend your network by sharing others posts.

Generate potential sharing opportunities by extending your network with industry leaders and Fans.

Facebook ads can definitely boost your reach to more audience. Use Targeted Facebook ads to concentrate on particular country audience. Similar PPC option you can see on Facebook just like Google AdWords. Use image links that can directly link your blog. Facebook ads enable you to reach extremely specific, interested markets.

Facebook is an amazingly reliable web traffic source. You can get more audience than average from the organic searches. Follow all these 11 methods you can see your blog traffic grow.

If I missed anything, please let me know in the comment section.

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